Technical Assistance

FreshWorks Technical Assistance Grants Program

One of the ways that FreshWorks supports the success of projects ensuring access to healthy affordable and culturally appropriate food is through the Technical Assistance Grant Program. The FreshWorks Technical Assistance Program makes monetary grants to pay for pre-development / pre-transaction technical assistance and/or post-opening / post-loan capacity building support. Technical Assistance grants are available to enterprises that improve healthy food access in low-income, low-access communities with emphasis placed on projects that address equitable food systems, economic development and job creation, local sourcing, and environmental stewardship.

Our grants are available for:

Pre-development / Pre-transaction support for projects that are not currently financeable

Our grants enable technical assistance that helps existing enterprises grow into sustainable operations, or otherwise move a concept to commencement of business. Examples of this kind of work include business plan development, constraints and opportunity analysis, design services, demand studies, licensing, permitting, and project management, etc.

Post-Opening / Post-Loan support for operating enterprises to improve outcomes

Our grants support technical assistance to build sustainability of a client or increase outcomes related to FreshWorks’ mission. Examples of this kind of work include installation of a point of sales system, revisions to store layout/product mix, significant increase in healthy food offered, or undertaking a workforce training program targeting low-income people.

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